New “Fresh Store Booster” v1.3.0 – 14th March 2018


We have a brand new version of Fresh Store Booster!

Currently the best way to get this plugin is with a Premium Account. Premium Members get all WordPress themes free, the Fresh Store Booster plugin free and a host of other benefits.

To get the update simply login to your WordPress dashboard, go to updates and click update!

The full changes are below.. Enjoy :)

Fresh Store Booster v1.3.0 – New Features

Limit to a Product Category
In all widgets (Best Sellers, Special Offers, Category List etc.) you can limit by a category. This means you can now have one big Fresh Store and multiple blogs that focus on a specific category.

This was the original feature request.

Expand and Collapse
Your categories now have a little + and – sign so that they can be expanded and collapsed without a page load.

Product Count added
The categories widget will now show the number of products in each category.

Bugfix – Cart Widget missing closing DIV
There was a layout issue related to this.. now fixed.

Hide empty Category Groups
If you have any empty Category Groups on your Fresh Store, these will no longer show in the sidebar of your blog.

Remove php curl and Use wp_remote_get for API calls
Just a technical thing to make the code more professional and in keeping with WordPress standards :)